Milestone Text Updates

Having a hard time keeping Agents, Borrowers, and Loan Officers on the same page?

We've created software that works with your Encompass environment to send text messages as loan milestones are completed.

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No Manual Intervention Needed

As the loan moves through the process, we’ll send out text messages that keep everyone in the loop in real-time.

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Use Fields or Milestones

We configure the solution to meet your needs. Use specific field IDs or Milestones to send the right message at the right time.


Customers Love Our Text Messages

We’ve received 99% positive feedback from borrowers and agents when they receive our text messages.

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Human Inspired Messages

Which text message would you rather receive? “LOAN 184752 - SMITH - SUBMITTAL MILESTONE” - OR - “Hi Kelly, your loan is currently with the underwriter. We’ll be in touch shortly to tell you more.” We help you craft your own custom text messages that sound like a human is communicating with the borrower and not a bot.

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